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From a technical standpoint, this is great. You have a consistent artstyle, sound effects and all the elements are working properly without any glitches as far as I know.

But when it comes to game design, this game has three mayor issues:

  1. The pacing is way to slow. This could be fixed by making the levels a lot smaller. This would also reduce the punishment for doing wrong.
  2. The first level is to complex. Instead of throwing everything in the players face, you could introduce each element one after another.
  3. There is very little skill involved. The difficulty instead lies in performing commands and guessing how you made the mechanics works. You could either have puzzles or real time action to make it more challenging.

Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it. I would invite you to look at the post-jam version which has some of these things addressed.

1.- I agree that the nature of the only one button + morsecode is slow. It is inherent to the limitation due to the Jam theme. I believe the new undo command helps reduce the punishment for doing 1 wrong move.

2.- There are 6 new levels before level 1 that introduce the mechanics and are very simple/small

3.- I agree. I had more complex ideas in mind but went for very basic puzzles since most people would be stumbling to learn the input mechanics. 

Thank you again for your detailed feedback.

The undo command could be eight dots instead of n, that is the official error message.

I like that a lot!

after about 6 minutes i beat level one. there needs to be a slow mode where it takes more time to take things as long. 

There was, originally the idea was to type 'move' then 'forward' in morse code!

ok... glad it wasn't like that. but you really should add a slow mode.

Loved this, and my personal favourite of the GMTK Jam 2019

:D Thanks

This was really great!

Thank you!

great game, very fun, cool art =D


This is great! I especially love the telegraph UI in the upper left. Also the incredible usefulness of the "Again" command. 

After plays testing so became a necesity...Thank you for trying it out 

I got really good at .._. XD  it would be a nice mores code learning game ( maybe newer lv introducing more commands corresponding to different letter. ) 

Love the fact that wrong input still shows you the letter its actually representing.

Thank you! One idea was to implement more time based commands or 2/3 character commands. It is definitively something I want to try in new games.

Very cool idea!

Thank you

Dude, I actually wanted to do this for the GMTK jam but I'm lazy

You should still try it! I learned the most from creating the code to track and de-code the morse-code

Okay, I'll give it a shot sometime. Seems fun to make anyways! Hey, if it's not too much trouble would you mind checking out my submission to the jam? It's definitely not as polished and awesome as yours but the comments seem to like it

I tried it but the spacebar would not work. I'll try on a different computer later in the week :)